Free Webinar on Domestic Violence: A sad reality of pandemic 2020

FREE CERTIFICATE FREE WEBINAR Topic: Domestic violence a sad reality of this pandemic. Speaker:Advocate Prachi Pratap. When the guardians of law and order i.e.; Policemen are busy battling against the fateful pandemic; our Men brimming with toxic masculinity unleash their frustration on the Female counterparts. Yes, Domestic Violence cases have risen since the lockdown breaking all the previous year records. To know more about this social menace, attend our webinar. No registration fee for attending the webinar. Participants will get e-certificates. Make sure that you don't miss out on this golden opportunity, SAVE THE DATES. Date:1st August 2020 Time:4:00pm (IST) Fill this form to make us aware of your presence We seek your benign presence. FEAR OF MISSING OUT ----- LEGAL UPDATES LEGAL NEWS WEBINARS MAGAZINE FREE EVENTS JOIN OUR GROUP WHATSAPP GROUP WHATSAPP GROUP





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