Become the master of the Law concept in 5 simple steps.

Are you looking to find out- How to be Good at law concepts? Have you tired of reading long textbooks from different authors? Do you want to keep the concepts clear in your mind but don’t know how? Use these simple tips and be good at your law. Command on Bare Acts: Bare acts are the most important and first key to get the very basic principles of law. If you are not thorough with your bare acts then you are not doing justice to your law degree. I have been questioned a number of times about the enunciation of language therein, in answer to that I always reply-pick up some commentaries to get into the difficult terms used by the legislature. By asking you to read bare acts, I don’t ask you to study only important provisions of it rather I highly emphasize all the sections along with provisos, explanations, and illustrations. Class Notes: For a better understanding of law points, one has to give a considerable amount of time and energy in reading and revising class notes. Bare acts help you in understanding the basic fundamentals of law and class notes give you the conceptual clarity. Two things will come up when you start reading your class notes; the first one is the self-made points and the Other will be the dictation of class teacher. Emphasize more on the dictation part. Read and Revise is the key. Lastly, Always remember -‘Conceptual clarity gives you the edge over the others’. One Judgement a Day: I recommend this as the most important tool for a better understanding of the law of land. When you read a judgment, you get into the insight of a judge’s mind. When a judge writes, he pens down his thought process and shares his wisdom with the readers. Reading judgment gives you clarity on the essentials of law, the more you read them, the more you become familiar with the mind frame of a judge. Judgment reading will also help you in enhancing your vocabulary. Always remember- ‘for a lawyer vocabulary is the invincible tool in the courtroom’. Acquire a Habit of Writing: I personally believe that writing not only helps in enhancing the creativity of your mind but it also helps in remembering the concepts for a longer period of time. When you write the things down, you get a physical existence of your thought which is going to live with you forever. I still remember the time when during my internship I used to write the court proceedings in a short diary(Discussions on legal issues, important citations cited by the senior counsels etc.).  I am still with the possession of the same. Writing is also a most crucial area in a legal profession, one single word can make a huge difference in your case. Be pro, found in your writing skills is all you need. One Year of Internship: In recent times, when one can make an application for judicial services by just completing his/her law college; no one makes an effort to go to courts for an internship. For some, going to courts as an intern is a waste of their precious time. I personally believe that if one wants to be a good lawyer or a judge- he/she must do an internship under a lawyer/firm for a year. An internship gives you the insight of court proceedings like How to behave in court? How delay in filing court fees or applications charge you in court? It teaches you not only the code of conduct but also the importance of patience. So, if you are a law enthusiast then use these simple tips and be a master of law and if you thought only reading makes you good at it then you might be wrong. Good luck all the law enthusiasts!, Author - Adv. Akshaya Kaushik (Linkedin)





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