Three - Day Debating Competition From- 8th November to 10th November 2020 “To my young people ,have the courage to think differently, courage to invent,to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problem” -A.P.J Abdul Kalam ABOUT MANCH MANCH: National Speakers Assembly is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. “MANCH” is India’s first debating and public speaking school. It is a dream online platform which aims at proliferating “The Art of public speaking” and “The Art of Debating” providing ingenious understanding and cognizance of various fields to make sure that this art penetrates to every nook and corner of the ever-growing Nation, which will help in creating and developing “Young Leaders”. We offer an exceptional speech and debate education to students across the nation. We provide the best instructions and argument development support available, so that students will experience competitive success. Through ambitious and studious brain across the country, “MANCH” aims at providing valuable contributions on contemporary and social issues. We envision a Nation where every individual irrespective of their age, language, ethnicity, colour, gender and religion have a confident and optimistic voice. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE Education is a continuing process. It cannot and should not be stopped. On-Line mode of education due to existing epidemic Corona has been developed as a new pedagogy, may not be as effective, as face to face mode of education, still seems the need of the time. An International problem facing the World at present has been made a subject to increase the acumen of a student of International relations, International politics, and International law. The rights of the people of all countries and the sprit to protect the national interests would develop in the student fraternity. The competition also aims to provide an opportunity for these students to exhibit their skill, increase awareness and the skills of debate and advocacy. ABOUT THE COMPETITION A learning community needs to be developed where sharing ideas, cultivate ideas, enhance communication skills and move forward thereby empowering ourselves to see a better world. The competition helps in bringing the participants all around the globe thereby getting people closer. It adds to a greater advantage of knowing the various aspects in and around the world with various views for and against. It enlarges our scope of thought and knowledge. The Debate Competition is not only about competition itself, but an educational extended activity that includes familiarization with contemporary issues which provides new and exciting way of exploring the changing dynamics of the international developments. That develops the ability of analyses and synthesizes data and information to form arguments and take position, familiarizing self with exposure to audience, compete and take action in college and local community proposing for a better world. Our Organization sets a motto to help the participants through the debate competition in finding issues ranging from basic social policy to grander theory about constitutional design and democratic theory which suggests that legal debates overlap with several other social institutions and expectations. With a view to strengthening the roots of democracy and intricate healthy habits of discipline, tolerance of the views of others and to enable the student community to understand in depth the issues happening in and around the country, such competitions provide a platform to express various perspectives on the contemporary legal issuers, subsequently producing cross current of thoughts on developing matters. This stage touches the activity and yearning young law students to contribute in the field of law. The Competition intends to build dedicated debaters who grow up to become persuasivespeakers, analytical thinkers, and proficient researchers. Not only do debaters learn to write well-reasoned and persuasive arguments, but they also learn to love researching and writing. Debate work becomes a satisfying competitive outlet for a student’s creativity and intellect. Moreover, both debate and legal work involve applying relevant theory and precedent to the specific text of a codified law or resolution, given the nature of competitive debate. IMPORTANT DATES LAST DATE OF PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION FEES - 4th November 2020 LAST DATE TO SEND PRE-RECORDED VIDEO FOR FIRST ROUND- 5th November 2020 DATES OF THE EVENTS 08th – 10th November 2020 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA • Student from any stream/course can participate • Students can participate in English, Hindi or Urdu REGISTRATION PROCESS Fill the Google form from link provided for registration, and add the screenshot of your payment. MODE OF PAYMENT ENTRY FEES – RS 100 -/- UPI Payment (Google Pay, Phone pay, etc.): 7355055869 @paytm After the payment, add the screenshot of the same in the registration Google form given below and submit. https://forms.gle/6wh9dY3VRYvfounL7 FORMAT OF THE COMPETITION Competition consists of 5 rounds PRELIMINARY ROUND: • This is the first round in this competition where the registered participants must send a recorded video of 3 minutes, through mail or WhatsApp. • The topics for this round are mentioned below in this brochure. • The results of this round will be declared within 23 to 24 hours after the competition. • Only 16 participants from the first round will be selected further. PRE-QUARTERS ROUND: • The second round will be held on 8th November 2020. • The topics for this round will be sent to the selected participants with the results of first round. • This round will be conducted through ZOOM. • The results of this round will be declared within 23 to 24 hours after the competition. • Only 8 participants will be selected for the further round. QUARTERS ROUND: • The qualified 8 participants will be selected after the pre-quarters. • Round 3 will also be conducted via ZOOM. • The topics for this will be sent 24 hours prior to the rounds to the selected participants (with the results of round 2). • Only 4 participants shall be selected for further Semi-Final round, i.e., on 9th November SEMI-FINALS & FINALS (4TH & 5THROUND): • Both the rounds will be held on 10th November 2020. • 4 participants selected from previous round will participate individually, through ZOOM for semi-finals. • 2 participants from the semi-finals shall be selected for the finals. • Topic for finals will be released 45-60 minutes prior to the actual rounds • The 2 finalists will have a face-off round where one member will debate directly against the other. RULES • The first round consists of 3 minutes recorded video. The time will gradually increase by 1 minute after each round. • Topics will be current affairs and socio-legal related issues. • The competition is open for all STUDENTS of or above 16 years of age. TOPIC FOR PRELIMINARY ROUNDS “THIS HOUSE VIEWS SOCIAL MEDIA AS AN INVALID INSTRUMENT OF HERALDING CHANGE” “यह सदन परिवर्तन के अग्रदूर् केरूप मेंसोशल मीडिया को एक अमान्य उपकिण मानर्ा है।“ ایوانسوشلمیڈیاکوتبدیلیکاپیشخیمہسمجھتاہے۔ PRIZES Prize worth Rs. 11,000 Winner (Best Speaker) – Rs. 1500 Runner-up (2nd Best Speaker) – Rs. 1000 2nd runner-up – Rs. 500 OTHER INCENTIVES • Free certificate course on public speaking worth Rs. 700 to the winner (Best Speaker). • 25% discount on certificate course on public speaking for all the semi-finalists. • Top 3 speakers will get discount coupon on myntra.com • All the semi-finalists will get free entry in next event of MANCH: National Speakers Assembly. • Top 8 speakers (quarter - finalist) – will get internship opportunities at reputed places (depending on the stream and course). • Top 16 speakers will receive an opportunity of one free publication (blog/ article) on a reputed website. PANEL OF JUDGES FOR ALL ROUNDS 1.) SHRUTI BISHT Advocate Shruti Bist is a legal advisor and an advocate in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. She enhanced her walk of life by becoming an author and a Public speaker thus impressing thousands of other people with her views and way of speaking. With these credentials she is undoubtedly an inspiring personality. 2.) VIJAYA JHA Adv. Vijaya Jha is currently practicing at Supreme Court of India and in Delhi high court too. She has pursued LLB from Jamia Milia Islamia. Apart from an established lawyer she is a person who cares about the social causes as well which include taking care of children education and human rights. 3.) HIMANJALI GAUTAM Himanjali Gautam is an experienced advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. She is currently practicing as an Advocate at Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. She has been also called as a EXPERT PANELIST to discuss and share views on various social Issues on Various News Channels like CNN NEWS 18 and others. She believe in spreading legal awareness among people so that they can utilize their rights and she has been awarded as the Nari Shakti Award recently for her outstanding work in spreading legal awareness. She was a former president at Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Apart from Law she was the finalist at Femina Style Diva, 2013. 4.) NISHTHA TYAGI Dr. Nishtha Tyagi Pachouri is an HRM professional with more than 15 years of experience in planning and execution of strategies and is an expert in strategic management, organizational development, talent acquisition and development and training of personnel. She has various honours in her name for her achievements, Best Entrepreneur, Pratibha Samman are some of them. She has also judged various entrepreneurial events and has served as a Guest Editor for the Times of India in 2006 and also organised a diverse set of events spreading awareness for women's safety. 5.) PRINCEY MEHTA Princey Mehta is a certified ‘Brain Fitness’ and ‘Transformation Life’ Coach. He is a high- energy professional with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, offering more than a decade of experience in steering learning & development initiatives for behavioral training, communication enhancement, soft skills modules, thinking & leadership development programs. He has conducted effective training for more than 7000 professionals including junior, middle level & senior-level, across various industries. He aims to leverage the knowledge & wisdom of researched esoteric and behavioral neurosciences for the overall wellness and transformation of people. A seasoned lecturer and trainer on various topics of ancient mystic philosophies and brain-mind optimization, he is keen to help people understand complex truths in the simplest possible manner. 6.) Dr. PREETI TEWARI Dr Preeti Tewari is a doctorate in English Literature. She did her Masters in Linguistics and Phonetics from CIEFL (now, EFLU). She has also done Train the Trainer Course and has varied certifications in Soft Skills, BEC training and Human Values and Professional Ethics from institutions like, Infosys, Cambridge University, the British Council and APJAKTU. She has over 17 years of teaching experience and has taught an array of courses like Professional English, Professional Communication, Business Communication, Technical Writing, UCLES BEC and Soft Skills courses to the undergraduate as well as post graduate students. She has authored a book on positive quotes with an ISBN No. 978-1-64324-068-8. She has presented more than 20 national and international papers in various seminars and conferences. 7.) SHANKARI VAIDYA Ms. Shankari Vaidya, from a very strong and professional academic background, has been awarded a distinction in public speaking from Trinity College, London. She also has a master diploma in training from Indian Academy of Training and Development. She is also trained by Sabira merchant in corporate training and etiquettes. She has worked as a Vice President, Education at Toastmasters International. She has also worked as a speechwriter for TEDx speakers and world championship of public speaking contestants. With a slew of work experience and great achievements and unparalleled training experience, she is the go-to person for training in public speaking skills. 8.) ADWEETIYA SINHA Adweetiya Sinha is working as an Associate Professor of Political Science in A.N. College, Patna. He is a passionate public speaker; apart from public speaking he has major interest in Poems, Story Telling, Shayari etc. He has performed in various Open Mics across India as a performer. He has been invited as a judge for adjudicating various Debate and Poetry Competition conducted by various colleges and reputed online platforms. CONTACT US Infomanch.nsa@gmail.com http://www.manchnsa.com/ FOUNDER ABHISHEK TRIPATHI 7355055869 CO-FOUNDER BHUMANI TYAGI 7599080400 CO-FOUNDER SHIVAANSH SINGH 8707798999





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