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*I am Invincible,Unbreakable,a diamond cut to last,I am unstoppable, A Hero,like a Phoneix from the Ash.* *The Man Who Attacked me Will Cover His Face,Not Me.* *-Laxmi Aggarwal Acid Attack Survivor.* A girl with dreams, hopes and wishes with the right amount of determination to achieve them. Having the courage to deject the undue and infirm advances and to being valorous enough to continue on the journey to achieve her dreams even after the vicious attack which was directed and enforced to crush her dedication and determination and her will to live. Rising like a *Phoenix From The Fire*, She spread her wings and soared with an unbroken spirit which roars higher with each passing day. To Enlighten us more about this subject in a more detailed manner, this webinar has been organised where the esteemed speakers that would be joining us are, *Advocate Kini Saxena* And *Educator Pushpendra Kumar Rana* The webinar registration fee is ₹100, certificate will be provided to everyone and webinar link will be shared beforehand. Let’s bring a change together as we get to know more about the topic which needs to spoken up more often about. Registration Fees: Rs 100 Paytm: 9868996299 UPI Id: 7459051339@paytm Regards Disha Vohra Team Crossroads: All About You 9868996299 or

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COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-2019) Pandemic is a novel disease which has forced people to quarantine (physical distancing) themselves to control its spread as per advisory of medical experts/WHO. This is giving rise to increase in domestic abuses, particularly against women & children, necessitating more women help groups to be ready to tack the same in anticipation of it during the lockdown period. Lockdown is imposed to control the spread of corona but instantly it gave rise to another epidemic domestic violence across the country. Domestic violence is the one of the most common forms of gender based violence that might be caused by the family or by intimate partners .This situation is called family violence or intimate partner violence. According to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 Domestic violence means, "Causing hurt, injury or danger to life, limb, health, safety or well-being, whether mental or physical. Causing harm, injury or danger to the women with an intention to coerce her or any other person related to her to meet any demand for dowry."[1]

Nearly one third of women are suffering in silence trap themselves in a situation where they are not in a position to contact such helping organizations or due to no being unaware of any helpline numbers. Such victims are large in number and at huge loss. Less than 1% of victims sought the help from the police. According to the National Family Health Survey 52% of women and 42% of men believe that husband is justified in abusing his wife during the lockdown period.[2] A day before lockdown, which was imposed in India from March 25, a young lady rushed to her mother's house which is in Delhi to save herself from the physical and verbal tortures. Now, due to income in the middle class family got squeezed, so her brother felt that she was additional burden to the family and beaten her up. The said lockdown from March 25 was extended till May 17 in parts.[3] Several women during this lock downs are facing the worst situation ever like verbal abuse and physical abuse and the best way to protect them is to move them from those unsafe place and shift them to the safest places like Municipality, Panchayat Union, Schools, Colleges, Other Governmental Organizations and there too physical abuse, sexual harassment etc.. to be taken care of.[4] CORRELATION BETWEEN COVID-19 AND VIOLENCES:-
One day COVID-19 will come to an end but for the domestic violence and for verbal abuses, there is no end visible. For corona virus, we have preventive measures like lockdown; self-quarantine etc. but there is no lockdown for the domestic violence. Several women and children are facing lots of problems mentally and physically by the father, husband, brother, relatives etc. regularly. Whether pandemics are getting worse or not but the situation of women is only getting worse day by day.[5] In New Delhi a complaint was registered that a girl is being physically abused and being beaten up by her parents and forcing her to marry. Soon after the complaint the girl was shifted to the safest shelter home. [6] In Tripura there was a complaint by a brother that sister was forced and in her -in- laws home and she can't even come out from that home due to the lock down. India's National Commission for Women (NCW) has reported that nearly 587 cases where registered under domestic violence & crimes against women from March 23 and April 16. Nearly 800 complaints registered by the National Commission of Women under crimes committed against women. The cases have been doubled when compared to the cases that are filed before the lockdown.[7] "Every time there will be gender violence but this crisis made it all worse." "The dynamic of violence in the house is getting very serious day by day." "The fear is that legal measures to protect women won't be put in place" (the working of court procedures is slower than before because the employees are staying in home).[8] The apex court in D. Veluswamy v. D.Patchaiammal in this case stated that Section 2(a) of the Domestic Violence Act was considered by the Supreme Court, where in court enumerated five ingredients of a live in a relationship as follows: ● Both the parties must behave as husband and wife and are recognized as husband and wife In front of the society.
● They must be a valid legal age of marriage.
● They should qualify to enter into marriage.
● They must have voluntarily cohabited for a significant period of time.
● They must have lived together in a shared household.[9] India's Domestic Violence Act 2005 says that "let the women stay in her home with her sons or daughters". Let the husband be sent to the shelter home if he behaves arrogantly or behave violently to his spouse in the midst of the pandemic. To make women free and comfortable to register the complaint many helpline numbers have been launched to address the problems of the women that they are facing during this curfew.[10] High court of Delhi, A bench of justice J.R.Midha and Jyoti Singh, on April 18 had abused the Aam- Aadami Party and the center to hold the meeting, and that meeting was about the measures that should be taken to curb the domestic violence during these pandemic days. There will be 24 x 7 helpline to help the women and address their problems. The National commission for women has said that before lock down they used to get 900 to 1000 phone calls regarding the harassment, violence, molestation but after lockdown they were getting more than 1000 to 1200 calls per day.[11] PANDEMIC ON VIOLENCE OVER THE WORLD:-
Whenever the family spend their time together it may be any festivals, family gatherings, disasters or crisis, there will be the risk in increase of abuses or violence. There should not be any gender discrimination between the men and women. Not only Indians are facing these problems even many worlds too are affected by two major crises they are spread of corona virus and domestic violence. To overcome this Central Government and state government has taken many steps[12]. There were widespread of violence but only the few incidences are being reported. Even men may experience a domestic violence but majority of victims are women. Not only for the men & women even LGBTQ individuals also face the domestic violence. Probably one of three women was being abused physically, mentally or by verbal abuse at least once in a lifetime. When a whole country is in lockdown nearly one fourth of the population is being home quarantined and another set of peoples were under danger inside the closed doors. The warnings were first shown in China the domestic violence cases where doubled and tripled. Later followed by Singapore (33%), Australia (40%), Brazil (40%) etc.[13]. There was a huge increase in domestic violence cases in Punjab over 21% of crimes where increased against women. More than 700 cases of violence reported since the Janata curfew. Women call it as distress because they are pushed in a situation where they cannot come out of it and they're forcibly being abused no matter what the age is. The violence is not that it must have physical abuse it may be even by verbal abuse or mental abuse. The Janata curfew provides a great and perfect opportunity for the abusers to practice the "intimate terrorism" to control their actions and their wishes and restrict them from their opinions to take any decisions related to the future.[14] REASONS BEHIND VIOLENCES:- Violence are being increased not only due to lockdown but also due to mental stress, economic distraction, closed business, fear of losing job, threat of hunger and poverty etc. In India person who consumes alcohol are relative higher when compared to another country. Due to the close of alcohol shop e.g. Tasmac etc. [15]The alcohol consumers has affected mentally so even this causes the rise of domestic violence. Another reason for the increase of domestic violence is due to the confinement in the home. So they are no options to mingle with outsiders, even this causes the mental depression for the men and women in the home. Many government organization request/ appeal that if any women face violence during this period, please reach out for help and don't shut yourself indoors. Women who are brave enough to complain about domestic violence repression in India are like the tip of the iceberg only.[16] Spain has reported that a woman was murdered by her partner in front of their children in the coastal provinces of Valencia. In Italy, Courts said that abusers should leave their family and not the victim. Domestic violence is kept on increasing in the northern parts of the state. According to the National crimes records bureau 2018 one third of crime against women are registered under the "cruelty by husband or by his relatives".[17]

NOVEL IDEA OF USING CODE WORD:- In France, a woman went to a pharmacy, but other woman was not there for medicine; but she informed in code language that a partner had abused her and soon after, the partner was arrested by the police. France was inspired by the similar scheme in Spain. If they are not in a position to openly talk in a store then they may use the code "Mask 19" to explain the situation indirectly that they are being abused.[18]

COVID-19 Pandemic formula, "Stay Home, Stay Safe" is recommended all over the world but for several women staying home is not safe and many are unfortunately trapped with abusers to make their life miserable and nowhere to go.[19]

To overcome the current situation, several steps can be taken in following key areas: Rescue the women and children from unsafe environment and making them stay in the safe temporary shelters. ● Explaining rights and extending help to initiate for judicial process/ legal help to attain justice. ● Providing women with some teachings e.g. hand crafts, tailoring, flower knitting etc. to make independent. ● Providing financial support to the vulnerable women. ● Providing for psychological counseling for both the husband as well as wife. ‘IF YOU THINK DEALING WITH THE LOCKDOWN IS PRETTY STRESSFUL. THEN IMAGINE THESE COUNTLESS WOMEN WHO ARE DEALING WITH THE ADDITIONAL WORRY OF SURVIVING’! REFRENCES [1] Section 3.

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Authored by: Deva Dharshini k
(Chennai Dr Ambedkar Govt Law College Pudupakkam)

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“Is it fair for a man to say “Talaq” thrice over the phone and a Muslim woman’s life gets ruined? This issue shouldn’t be politicized.” - NARENDRA MODI Introduction Is it right to punish women with words who didn’t commit a crime? 30 July 2019, is a historic day for Muslim women because the Triple Talaq Bill was successfully passed by the Indian Parliament as a Law to abolish the practice of Triple Talaq in India. It should have been passed by Parliament in 2002 When its first case came up in India. But then no one raised much voice against it, and in 2017, two Muslim feminist groups raised their voice for the abolition of Triple Talaq. One was Bebaak Collective, a prominent women’s campaign led by Hasina Khan. The other one was the Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA). Both demanded the abolition of the practice of Triple Talaq, so it was finally banned in 2019. I have discussed in this article why it was banned and what was it? In my opinion, everyone should know about it. In India, all religions have certain rules and regulations which are followed by individuals. Muslims also have such rules and regulations and one of them was Triple Talaq. Now the first question arises in mind that, What is a Triple Talaq? Triple Talaq is a ‘Divorce system’ that is used by Indian Muslims and folks from varied nations who believe in Islam. This divorce system provides the liberty to husband out of the affair of the wedding eventually or forthwith. In this divorce system, the husband ends his marriage simply by uttering the word Talaq 3 times to his wife. Talaq is an associate Muslim term that means the dissolution of a marriage. Once being it’s spoken by the husband the marriage stands to void. Triple Talaq permits a Muslim man to wrongfully divorce his married wife by using the word talaq. And the husband doesn't have to be compelled to cite a reason for divorce. It is applicable in each sort, verbal and written. This type of instant divorce is additionally known as Talaq-E-BIDDAT. There are different types of Talaqs in the Muslim community which they use for the dissolution of a marriage. Types of Talaq: 1) Talaq-E-BIDDAT 2) Talaq-E-SUNNAT, it is sub-divided into (a) Talaq-E-HASAN (b) Talaq-E-AHSAN Talaq-E-HASAN: Most of the Indian Muslims prefer to use Talaq-E-HASAN, in this type of talaq the word talaq is pronounced three times after the menstrual cycle. The husband has to make a declaration of talaq, and then wait for the menstrual cycle to pronounce another pronouncement. The first and second pronunciation may be canceled by the husband if he cancels, either explicitly or by resuming conjugated relations, the talaq becomes ineffective. But if no repeal is made after the first or second declaration, then the husband must make the third declaration in the third term so that the talaq becomes irreversible and the marriage is dissolved. Talaq-E-AHSAN: In this type of Talaq, once the Talaq has been pronounced by the husband, then there is an iddat period of three months to factor in the woman's three menstrual cycles. This time is for reconciliation and mediation. During this period, if there is any type of coitus between husband and wife, the talaq is considered to be void. Talaq-E-BIDDAT: It is completely different. It allows men to pronounce talaq three times in one sitting, it is applicable in each sort, verbal and written. Thereafter even if the husband is in a hurry to consider his own decision, the divorce remains irreversible. There is no time given for mutual settlement. And a divorced woman could not remarry her divorced husband unless she first married to another man, this practice called Nikah Halala. Triple Talaq Bill In 2017 Muslim women, Bebaak Collective a prominent women’s campaign, and Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan raised their voices in front of the Central Government and demanded to abolish the practice of Triple Talaq immediately. I think they were all inspired by Robert Tew’s quote “The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don't give up.” And from then on, the central government began to find a solution to the problem. The Government formulated a bill and introduced the bill in the Parliament after the 100 cases of Triple Talaq in India. On, 17 August 2017 in the case of Shayara Bano Vs Union of India & Ors. The Supreme Court of India described Triple Talaq as unconstitutional and many social, religious, and legal observations were also brought against the practice of Triple Talaq. This was the first victory of Muslim women and all support groups. The male population of Islamic culture had made much noise against the Supreme court’s order. Even after the Order of the Supreme court, it was being used by Indian Muslims. Indian women are facing persecution from the olden times and after the judgment was given by the Supreme Court, they faced more persecution. And based on this, Triple Talaq Bill had been immediately introduced in the Indian parliament to void the practices of Triple Talaq. The bill was passed by Lok Sabha on 28 Dec 2018 and after getting the presidential assent the Bill declared the practice of Triple Talaq as a cognizable and non-bailable offense and maximum three years sentence and fine. A husband declaring talaq thrice will be imprisoned for up to three years along with a fine. This was the second victory, But the bill was only passed by the Lok Sabha and no one took it seriously and to make it in law, the bill replaced an ordinance promulgated on February 21, 2019, and the Rajya Sabha passed the Bill, with 99 votes in its favor and 84 against it. And it was finally passed by the Indian parliament as a law on 30th July 2019. That’s why 30 July 2019 is now a historic day for Indian Muslim women, and they finally achieved what they want. And from 01st august 2019, it had become a law, and Clause 3 in Chapter 2 of the Bill declares that Triple Talaq given in the form of verbal, written and digital or any form, deems to be void and it is illegal to practice. And Clause 6 in Chapter 3 of the Bill states that a married Muslim woman shall be entitled to custody of her minor children in the event of pronouncement of talaq by her husband, in such manner as may be determined by the Magistrate. Consistent with the census 2011 Triple Talaq divorce procedure affected around 8% of Indian ladies, particularly ladies over the age of sixty years. Triple talaq does not follow the basic Rule of Gender Equality and Human Rights. As a result of this, questions are always arising in the dignity of Muslim ladies. Triple Talaq has no mention in the Quran however it's legal in Sunni Islamic jurisprudence, albeit the practice has existed for decades. A Landmark case in which Triple Talaq declared as Unconstitutional Shayara Bano Vs Union of India & Ors Case Description: A Constitution Bench of 5 Judges has declared the practice of instantaneous Triple Talaq as unconstitutional with a majority of 3:2. Issues Involved as follow: 1. Does the practice of Triple Talaq (Talaq-e-biddat) is an essential practice of Islam? 2. Does the practice of Triple Talaq violate any fundamental right? Background of the Case: On 22nd August 2017, the Bench of 5 Judges from different religions- Justice UU Lalit, a Hindu and Justice Abdul Nazeer, a Muslim, Chief Justice Khehar, a Sikh and Justice Kurian Joseph, a Catholic, Justice RF Nariman, a Parsi of the Supreme Court pronounced its decision in the Triple Talaq Case. Bench declared the practice of instant Triple Talaq as unconstitutional with a majority of 3:2. Rizwan Ahmed has married to Shayara Bano 15 years ago. In 2016, Rizwan Ahmed divorced Shayara Bano through the instant Triple Talaq (Talaq-e-biddat). She filed a Writ Petition (C) No. 118 in the Supreme Court of three practices- Nikah-Halala, Talaq-e-biddat, and Polygamy as unconstitutional as these practices violate the Article 14, 15(1), 21, 25 of the Constitution. Talaq-e-Biddat is a practice that gives a man the right to divorce his wife by pronouncing Talaq thrice at a time without the consent of his wife. Polygamy is a practice that allows Muslim men to have more than one wife. And Nikah halala is a practice in which a divorced woman who wishes to remarry her divorced husband must marry and divorce a second husband before returning to her first husband. On 16th February 2017, the Supreme Court asked Shayara Bano, Union of India and various women’s rights bodies and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to give the written submissions on the issues of Talaq-e- biddat, Nikah-Halala, and Polygamy. The Union of India and the Women’s rights organizations supported Ms. Bano’s plea. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has argued that these are essential practices of the Islamic religion and protected under Article 25 of the Constitution. After accepting Shayara Bano’s petition, the Supreme Court formed a constitutional bench of 5-judge from different religions on 30th March 2017. On 11th May 2017, the first hearing was held. On 22nd August 2017, the 5 Judge Bench declared the practice of Triple Talaq as unconstitutional with a majority of 3:2. The Supreme Court had mentioned herein that the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 was enacted to awaken associate finish all the unholy, oppressive, and discriminatory customs and usages within the Muslim community. What Muslim personal law says? Indian Muslims have been following the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 from decades. This law deals with Marriage, Succession, Inheritance, and Charities among Muslims. Section 5 of the Shariat Act, 1937 concerns Muslim women seeking a divorce. Later, Section 5 was repealed and replaced by the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939. Now Muslim women can ask for a divorce in a court of law. The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 deals with the circumstances in which a Muslim woman can obtain a divorce. A woman can seek divorce under the following circumstances: - · If a husband has more than one wife, or he does not treat her equally according to the Quran, · or bears any other grounds valid for the dissolution of marriages under Muslim law. So, what has Shamim Ara vs State of U.P. & Ors case given us on 1 October 2002? Shamim Ara Judgement is the first case that wants to ban the practice of Triple Talaq. But this case failed to make that happen but Shayara Bano Vs Union of India & Ors did that. But Shamim Ara vs State of U.P & Ors makes it clear that Talaq giving by a letter, WhatsApp, skype, phone and text messages or email or through the Qazi, etc. isn't valid. The judgment also laid down the subsequent procedure for a Muslim husband to divorce his wife: · Talaq has to be pronounced before witnesses. It cannot be pronounced in a single sitting and must be preceded by efforts of arbitration and reconciliation by mediators appointed by both sides, who must explore the possibility of reconciliation by resolving the issues.
Only if these cannot be resolved, then talaq should be recited as a last resort. · The talaq is to be pronounced on three sittings over three months. These months are meant to allow the couple to reflect on their relationship and not come to a hasty conclusion. During this period, the woman has the right to residence and maintenance from the husband. · While reciting the talaq, the husband must be in his senses i.e. He should not be drunk nor in an angry mental state, because during that time he loses his sense of right and wrong. · A woman should not be menstruating or pregnant while pronouncing talaq. Before pronouncing the talaq, the husband must fulfill his obligations to his wife, such as returning the Mehr and goods, paying her maintenance for the iddat period (three months), and lumping her in for her future needs. · In terms of allowance, a Muslim woman is entitled to seek allowance from her husband for herself and her dependent children. In case there is cohabitation during this time, the Talaq would be invalid. If the husband fails to comply with his economic obligations, the wife can file for relief under the extent of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act 1986 (MWA). After Ban on Triple Talaq In India, cases have appeared in courts against Triple Talaq, in which Muslim husbands have divorced their wives by giving a letter, WhatsApp, skype, phone, and text messages of ‘Talaq’ thrice to their wives. These types of cases made their ways to the courts. Under section 4 of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019 these cases were registered. We tend to cheer the Supreme Court’s judgment in Shayara Bano Vs Union of India & Ors in which the practice of Triple Talaq declared as unconstitutional. However, in Gujarat one woman attempted suicide, her husband divorced her by uttering Triple Talaq even after the bill was passed in the Parliament, she was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad. She survived; this incident happened a day after when the Rajya Sabha passed the historic Muslim women (Protection of Rights on Marriage), Bill. I do not understand from where these guys get this type of guts to punish some innocent and ruin their life. The triple talaq in the Muslim community is now a criminal offense that will invite 3 years of imprisonment. The radicals used a nationwide campaign to whitewash non-public law issues - to protect Shariat, not women's dignity. The All Republic of India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) had also secured a social boycott of men, who were resorting to triple talaq and contemporary Nikahnama, though none have so far supported it, On the other hand, the government tried to increase the support of Muslim women against the criminalization of Muslim men. Public campaigns such as Beti Bachao have been used to protect girls and women, especially the oppressed Muslim women from persecutions. Conclusion Oscar Wilde said, “Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.” Getting respect is the fundamental right of every person. The abolition of the triple talaq means that in the future no Muslim woman will face discrimination and injustice in their lives. The practice of triple talaq has always been seen by the entire world as an argument, the dignity of Muslim women is always questioned. It had been seen the dominance of men over women. There are some countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey which have stopped the practice of triple talaq. Even in progressive circles, there is a belief that a Muslim man can divorce his wife and after that, she is free from any right. Some women were brutalized in their marriages and are happy to accept Talaq to be free from an oppressive marriage. The whole home is relying on women, she is someone’s mother, sister, and wife in the family. She puts the house together, takes care of everyone within the family, but that does not mean she is a maid of the house. Is it right to treat her in a discriminative way? I realize that the majority of women are reluctant to approach the police and Media. They seek a life free of violence and want to secure their right to maintenance and support. Authored by Suraj Vithal Parit

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About Us Team Attorneylex is a newly developed organisation that is devoted to the law students of the country. Our primary purpose is to guide the law students in their legal research, content writing, analyse the case, read or understand the courts’ judgments, etc. because we believe that these things are an essential part of the legal profession. About the National Online Quiz Competition Team Attorneylex is organising its 2nd Online National Quiz Competition on Indian Polity scheduled to be held on 30th September 2020. Eligibility Team Attorneylex looks forward to participation from school students, law aspirants, students pursuing 5-year law and 3-years law, and LLM courses. Professionals from the legal fraternity are also invited to participate in the Quiz. Important Dates & Timing Last date for registration: 29th September 2020, 11:59 PM Competition Date: 30th September 2020, 06:00 PM Declaration of Results: 5th October Venue – Online (Google forms) Details The quiz competition is not a team-based competition, and thus, each student shall participate individually. The Quiz will consist of Indian Polity questions, including significant/landmark judgments. It will consist of 30 MCQs. The total time limit for the Quiz is 10 minutes. Every question carries one mark, and there will be no negative marking. No Registration Fees Registration Linkk General Rules The registered candidates should join our WhatsApp group for updates. Link of the quiz will be shared in our Whatsapp groups. The Quiz results will be declared on the social media platforms and the Website of the Team Attorneylex. In the case of a tie, Time will be considered (Person who submits early will be given preference). Team Attorneylex will not be responsible for any technical error, any connectivity/device failure during the Quiz. The results declared would be final and the authority vests with Team Attorneylex to change or modify the same. Perks Winner: Cash prize Rs. 1000/- + Certificate of Excellence + Article publication on the website + Online Internship opportunity with the Team Attorneylex. Runner Up: Cash prize Rs. 500/- + Certificate of Excellence + Article publication on the website + Online Internship Opportunity with Team Attorneylex. E – participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants. If you have any queries feel free to contact Vanshika – 07055460463 Gaurav -09616696008 Email– Website: Post link:

A Vicious Riddle- Death of a Bollywood Flair

No matter where you come from Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the greatest young actors in Bollywood a successful rising star who started from Bottom and quickly got to the top millions of fans money Highlife But he was found dead in his apartment The police reported that committed suicide. This could yet Another story. Where a celebrity Takes Their own life but here is why people refuse to believe it on the day of the Alleged suicide Sushant's helper said that he had come out of his Room in the morning and played video games can anyone Act so casual before committing suicide? To top it all off The CCTV footage from the area was a big question mark from the very beginning! The duplicate keys to the Sushant's House were missing. And he changed more than 50 sim cards that month who was he hiding from? All of this raised more question so people dug even deeper he had bruise near his forehead one eye and arms other than that He was 6 feet Tall And He allegedly stood on his bed to hang Himself But this is n’t possible because then wasn’t enough space in the room fr that and perhaps what people find the hardest to believe is that T his very outspoken actor who always wanted to inspire other did not leave a suicide note He just disappeared without a word why?! Now it’s time to ask the big question. Why would anyone want to stage an actor’s suicide people believe that this was done by the so-called Bollywood mafia They didn’t like to see an outsider from a small city succeed and quickly climb to the top. He was not a part of the family And this revealed the dark sick of Bollywood.The people exist A dark side of the Bollywood Nepotism. Now it is extremely important to acknowledge that there are all Theories officially The doctors and the police announced that it was indeed a suicide.And could be? right now I don’t know the definite answer but there is something that I know Sushant may have not left a note. But as he watches us from above I know what he would want us to do. He would want us to use His care for something good And bring attention to a problem that many people go through whether it’s India or anywhere around the world Mental Health issue is at an all-time High just look at all there smiling look their own lives truth is too many smiling faces do because of stigma faces do. Because of stigma because they have to hide their issues and so did Sushant I don’t know if his suicide was staged or real but just the fact that it is possible for people like him to commit suicide it’s our responsibility to talk about it and not make it a taboo you think COVID 19 is a big issue. And it is but suicide is taking way more lives it’s one of the leading causes of death around the world .but we don’t talk about it. we hear about people who survived cancer But we never hear about The people who are surviving through fighting against demons in their head. The demons that make you feel like nothing matters like you don’t matter like you are unless like you can disappear The strongest disease of our generation! Sushant is not here anymore and it’s very sad whatever happened I hope justice will be served but as we seek justice Let’s not forget that every single day around 3000 people commit suicide and millions struggle with depression it’s in our hands to help then by removing the Mental Health Stigma Authored by ABHISHEK KUMAR SINGH                              CITY ACADEMY LAW COLLEGE


REGISTER NOW! . *Topic : The Kashmir Issue - Why, How and the Way Forward* *The Eminent Speaker - Dr. Aman Hingorani* (Advocate-on-Record & Mediator, Supreme Court of India; Arbitrator International Advocacy & Mediation Trainer Adjunct Faculty Author, Unravelling the Kashmir Knot, a SAGE bestseller. Has another 67 publications, both national and international, on varied subjects.) *Date:20th September 2020* *TIME: 4:00 PM* *Platform : YouTube* • *Webinar is Free and Open to all* Hurry up! Registration: *For daily update on legal news, legal words and cases join us on Instagram: Note: *Certificate of Participation will be given to whoever attends the webinar and will fill the attendance sheet which will be given in description box of YouTube* Warm regards- Team Legal Trendsetters. Thank you. Hoping for a positive response.

The struggle of a Transgender in Indian society

We all see the world through a Lenexa filtered gender lenses, that has always helped us differentiate between a man and a women and for this very reason what we cannot see is the beauty of unfiltered skin; the beauty of a Trans. So as we can’t see a differently blooming flower we don’t accept it as a part of our garden. there begins the struggle of a Transgender specially in Indian society. There have been myths and rumours about them since ages. There was discrimination which has shared their souls by each passing day. There has been harassment for over 3000 years which a normal human can’t bear for even a day. There has been gender violation and most importantly there has been suppression and rejection by the society, there has been no law until the transgender person (protection of rights) act came in 2019. lack of access to education and no job opportunities has forced the community to take up begging and prostitution as a means of livelihood. Poverty, malnutrition, bad companionship, HIV/AIDS, hormonal disorder, homelessness, isolation from the community, illiteracy, unawareness of their rights, all this and much more but ironically they still appear at your special occasions to take away all the pain and sufferings from your family, to bless them for a happy life. late back when India got independence the nation celebrated a life of dignity, equality and fraternity; these were the ones left on the margins without any attention. They have always been harassed because of the deep routed patriarchal mind-set of this society. Even today they feel depressed about their identities and choose to stay silent about it because they fear the judgemental eyes of the society, because today when they walk across us we distance ourselves from them. acceptance has always been the key and it goes both ways. People often say “trans community is pretty angry” the community to which admits; “well yes, we are. Because when we live in a society that doesn’t like our existence, we can’t really stay happy.” so it is for us to understand as rational people, ‘there is no us versus them’ it is just that they experience something that we don’t and this establishes no ground to discriminate them, harass them or make them less acceptable in any way. But Gladly Amidst all the darkness and battles we can still see healthy reforms around us, such as- · a transgender rights activist and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008 and · Nitasha Biswas  became  India's first transgender beauty queen in 2017. · Sathyasri Sharmila was India's first transgender lawyer, appointed in June 2018. There are a few more countable ones . a small ratio of them doing well shows improvement in their community but does not guarantee accomplishment of all of them. A long and lonely passage still wait for them. This issue can be drifted with 2 simple solutions: Firstly, we must start looking at them as just another human. Equality needs to come out of textbooks now. It is time to break stereotypes. this will help them feel confident about themselves And secondly, gender sensitization should go parallel with legal reforms. The transgender person (protection of rights) act 2019 has not done enough justice. social, economic and educational empowerment still lacks a discussion. Their rights differ a lot from that of a common man. For instance, the penalty of rape of a trans is just 6 months-2years. Crimes against them are still regarded as “petty” in nature. This law requires some major reforms.Transgender have fought a long battle for over a century now when government is looking out for them, their development must be holistic and now is the time to do so. Authored by Riddhi Rahi

2nd National Article Writing Competition by Team Attorneylex

About the Organization Team Attorneylex is a newly developed organisation that is devoted to the law students of the country. Our primary purpose is to guide the law students in their legal research, content writing, analyse the case, read or understand the judgments passed by the courts, etc. because we believe that these things are an essential part of the legal profession. About the Competition Team Attorneylex is organising its 2nd National Article writing competition for all the those who want to show their research and writing skills and are not able to find the perfect stage; here, we are giving them a chance to show their talent. TOPIC: Any Contemporary Legal Issue. Eligibility Any enrolled student of school/ university/ college, graduate/postgraduates, academicians, advocates, and anyone who can express through the words. Language: English or Hindi. The Submission Guidelines Are- Word Limit – 1200 – 1500 (inclusive of footnotes) Co-authorship is allowed (maximum one co-author) All submission must be sent at The subject of the email should be “Submission: Article Writing Competition.” Write-up must be original and unpublished. Submissions with plagiarised content and copyright issues will be rejected outrightly. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. Font Size -12 Font Style – Times New Roman Citation – 19th Bluebook The submission shall also be accompanied by another Word document consisting of a Cover Letter mentioning the Name of the Author/s; Name of the Institution/College/University; Designation; Year of Study (if applicable); Email ID. Registration Fees Single Author – 100/- Co – Authorship – 150/- Important Dates Last date of payment and registration: October 20, 2020 Last date of submission: 11:59 PM, October 23, 2020 Declaration of Results: 28 October 2020 Prizes Winner: cash prize Rs. 2000/- + certificate of Excellence + Article publication on the website + Online Internship opportunity with the Team Attorneylex. Runner up: cash prize Rs. 1000/- + certificate of Excellence + Article publication on the website + Online Internship Opportunity with Team Attorneylex. Certificate of Merit to top 20 performers. E – participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants. Payments details Paytm/ G-pay/Phonepe- 9616696008 (Gaurav yadav) Bhim UPI- 9616696008@upi Bank details- Name- Gaurav Yadav Bank – Oriental Bank of Commerce Account Number- 03842193000248 IFSC Code- ORBC0100394 Registration Link Website Link If you have any queries feel free to contact Vanshika – 07055460463 Gaurav -09616696008 Email-

Webinar on Virtual Courts In India: by Legal Education Experts (LDX)

Webinar on Virtual Courts In India: Opportunities, Challenges And Way Forward

Through this webinar, you’ll be emanated with some relevant information on working of Virtual Courts in the country, what ethical guidelines shall be considered while conducting virtual hearings, how virtual proceedings can be made more effective, thereby strengthening the justice delivery system in the country.

Webinar Structure -
•Evolution and Development of Virtual Proceedings in the Country
•Role of Hon’ble Supreme Court in incorporating technology into to Indian Judicial System
•Current Issues and Challenges hampering the effectiveness of virtual proceedings
•Making Virtual hearings more effective in order to ensure access to justice

Time - 4 pm.
Date -  20 September 2020 ( Sunday)
Fee - Free
For Certificates- 100

 About The Resource Person -
NAMAN MAHESHWARI, Advocate, NMN Chambers.
•B.B.A, L.L.M (Masters in International Disputes Settlement) Geneva, Switzerland
•Represented clients from UAE, Singapore, UK and Australia in international arbitrations and litigation
•Various research articles published in reputed journals including SCC and AIR
•Has YouTube channel in the name of NMN Vlogs
•Has appeared virtually before the Supreme Court of India, National Consumer Commission, Arbitration Tribunals and Rajasthan High Court
•Has taken webinar on changing attitude in virtual hearing conducted by Niti Manthan, New Delhi

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2nd National Quiz competition by Legal Patra on Legal Maxims

ABOUT LEGAL PATRA Give your thoughts a voice that can echo around the world. The aim of legal Patra is gathering of ideas and knowledge regarding legal aspects and providing a platform for conveying it. In doing so, we hope to facilitate the transition of students from studying the theory to applying it. We strive to bring the best talents in the legal world and allow them to convey their methods and ideas for the development of the professionals. Visitors will find wide range of useful information including judgements, articles, career advice. Questions and answers for the competitive exams, seminars, legal events and more. Our team members are all motivated and charged up to provide the professionals the best they deserve. ABOUT THE QUIZ Since 17 th century, Legal Maxims are used by lawyers to beckon the judgments in their favour. They are very important tool to interpret laws. It helps in curtailing the lengthy arguments in court of law. When a law professional reads any judgement, statute, Act or any other legal document, legal maxims helps in better interpretation and understandings of law. It helps in judgment writings, briefing arguments or writing good answers. Thus, Legal Maxims helps in every level of law whether it’s being a judge or an advocate or a budding lawyer. To provide you better understanding of law and language of law Legal Patra has come up with such a unique competition of Legal Maxims and to enhance your skills and knowledge. Let’s brush up the basics of law together and compete for the becoming the best in field. IMPORTANT DATES: Last date to register: 23rd September, 2020 Date of quiz: 25th September 2020 Date of result: 28th September 2020 Time: 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM Open to all law students and professionals as well as quiz enthusiasts. PERKS: 1st position:Rs. 250/- 2nd position:Rs. 150/- 3rd Position: Rs. 100/- The winner will be published on the website and get a chance to intern with us. Merit certificate to top 10 position holders E-certificate to all participants. REGISTRATION DETAILS Fee: 25/- Register here: Upload the screenshot of successful transaction onto google forms Mode of payments Paytm: 8826215667 Googlepay/phonepay: 9559833263 RULES: 1. There will be 40 questions 2. The duration of the quiz will be 20 minutes. No submission shall be taken into record after 20 minutes of login. 3. The quiz will be held online through google form. CONTACT US: Chandrika Semwal: 8826215667 Durgesh Pathak: 9559833263 Email:

Call for Campus Ambassadors at Lawtsapp

lawtsapp being a biggest platform for first generation law students. We are presenting an opportunity for students to explore and experience because legal profession is all about flow of ideas and communication and in Regard of this we are hiring Campus ambassadors for PERKS Certificate signed by advocate Can Earn upto 3000 INR Free publication Chance to represent us in your college Chance to Interact with advocates and many more For registration form check the link below: Thanks and Regards


REGISTER NOW! Topic- *Significance of Fundamental Duties for professional excellence* *The Eminent Speaker- Adv. Shri Ashok Arora* (He is the former Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association (India) and the author of a number of articles and books. He has had a career of thirty eight years in the arena of litigation practice, teaching, motivation, personality development, stress management and communication skills. Ex-Law Minister of India, Mr. Ram Jethmalani named him Buddha of twenty-first century. He has also been called ‘A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in the real sense’.) *Date:13th September 2020* *TIME: 11:00 AM* *Platform : YouTube* Webinar is free and open to all. Hurry up! Registration: GSjYLBZAmuwoZG3BYxgw/viewform *For daily update on legal news, legal words and cases join us on Instagram: Note: *Certificate of Participation will be given to whoever attends the webinar and will fill the attendance sheet which will be given in description box of youtube* Warm regards- Team Legal Trendsetters. Thank you. Hoping for a positive response.

Why the U.S election will impact India?

As we can see that US has contributed substantially to the Indian foreign policy from last five to six years. In India if we talk about geo-politics or international relations, people are much concern about US and India’s relation. At the end if we understand the thought process of the Indian people, we conclude that “we should be self-dependent”, US is not a primary alliance of India, which is a general perception of any Indian. We should also look into the fact that US puts decent efforts to have good relations with Asian countries like South Korea, Philippines, Japan. In recent times US has helped India in the global platform to become the member of multilateral export control regimes (MTCR)  Wassenaar arrangement , Australia group and support for admission in the nuclear supplier group but the problem is that, China is blocking nuclear supplier  proposal  and joint manufacturing through technology sharing arrangements, which have become key milestones and advancement on the path to strengthen US-India relations .In 2016, India and the US signed the logistics exchange memorandum of  agreement (LEMOA) and India was declared a major defence partner of the United States .With this agreement both the country can access the military bases of each other. India and US signed COMCASA (communication compatibility and security agreement) that facilitate interoperability between militaries and sale of high-end technology. Soon within one or two year we will sign BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) for Geo-spatial Cooperation. This agreement would facilitate exchange of geospatial information between India and United States for both military and civilian use. USA also declared India as major defence partner so that India could buy more sophisticated military equipment. India also reciprocate to US relations, when the US had to put pressure on Iran, the major ASIAN countries like Japan, South Korea along with India stop their trade with Iran. When US had to put pressure on Venezuela, India stop their oil trade to Venezuela. At the international stage, foreign policies of both the countries have been matched considering their mutual interest. Both the countries having democracy at it’s pivot, opinion of the citizens matter the most. GALLUP a research publish group, in their research they mention that 74% Of Americans’ viewed India favourably in 2017 and 72% in 2019. According to this research we can say that not only the government of the two countries are coming closer but the citizens are uniting as well. There are a few hurdles in the path of making US-India relation stronger one of it being the US elections. India has featured prominently in the US election in recent times. Joe Biden one of the candidate of US president election, belongs to the democrat party, prominently mention India and targeted it in one of his election campaigns. In his campaigns he is critical of Indian government’s decision on NRC and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and has also asked New Delhi to take all necessary steps to restore rights of the people of Kashmir. In his official report he mentioned that the Indian government should take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir.  Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the Internet, weakens democracy. Joe Biden has been disappointed with the measures that the government of India has taken with the implementation and aftermath of the National Register of Citizens in Assam and the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act into law. These measures are inconsistent with the country’s long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy. The criticism had led to an unusual step that had raised eyebrows in Washington , when union external affairs minister S JAISHANKAR is said to have cancelled his scheduled meeting in December last year with the influential congressional committee on foreign affairs because it had Indian – American congress member Pramila Jayapal , who had introduced the resolution urging India to lift all restriction in Kashmir .One of the leader of democrat party condemn when Indian foreign minister S JAISHANKAR cancelled his meeting and mention in his tweet that “ Effort to silence Pramila Jayapal are deeply troubling. US and India have an important partnership – but our partnership can only succeed if it is rooted in honest dialogue and shared respect for religious pluralism and human rights. Overall, all the matter which are the part of US elections is the matter of concern to Indian government because all topics are the internal matter of India , if India will accept all these type of demand then India will definitely get pressurised next time as well, which will further impact India and US relation. The main issue of India is Kashmir as raised by democrat candidate Joe Biden. One of the reasons being the constant infiltration of Pakistan. US president suggests to not impose restriction on Kashmir, but the question is, is it good for India’s integral security and can we accept these type of comments.


ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION Team Attorneylex is a newly developed organisation that is devoted to the law students of the country. Our primary purpose is to guide the law students in their legal research, content writing, analysing the case laws, read or understand the courts’ judgments, etc. because we believe that these things are an essential part of the legal profession. ABOUT THE PAPER Theme - Socio-Legal issues, International matters and other such topics related to law. ● Articles- 5000-8000 words ● Short Articles - 3000-5000 words ARTICLES: The article should be a comprehensive review of the contemporary, relevant legal issue(s)/question(s) that needs to be analysed and presented. The article must be clear on the topic that is dealt upon and lucidly presented without any ambiguity. The authors’ stand on the issue(s) should be expressed with clarity. The word limit for the submission is 4000 – 8000 words for long articles and 3000-5000 words for short articles exclusive of footnotes and abstract. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1). Inclusions The paper should compulsorily include:-​ ● Abstract ● All the entries shall be accompanied by an abstract which should be of 250- 300 words, explaining the main idea, objective of the article and the conclusions drawn from it. The Abstract must include the author(s)’ name and college/institution as a footnote. ● Keywords ● Hypothesis These requirements, apart from the main content of the paper, are necessary for the consideration of the same for publication. Non-availability of the above mentioned in the paper shall lead to disqualification. 2). Paper Submission All the submissions must be mailed to​ Submissions​ must be in MS Word (.doc or docx.) format only. Submissions made in any other format shall not be considered. The abstract has to be provided in a separate file. MAIN TEXT - Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified alignment, with a margin of one inch on all sides. FOOTNOTES - Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive footnotes are accepted. Speaking footnotes should be avoided. CITATION- The Bluebook:19th Edition shall be strictly adhered to.​ Co-Authorship is allowed up to a maximum of 2 authors. Both single and co-authored (a maximum of two authors) entries shall be accepted. Only one submission per author is allowed. In case of multiple submissions by an author, all the manuscripts submitted by the author shall be rejected at the outset. In case any author submits multiple papers either with the same author or with a different author, all the papers submitted by the author shall be rejected outrightly. The submission must be the original work of the author(s). In case of gross plagiarism, the manuscript shall be rejected directly. The relevant sources should be duly acknowledged as footnotes. The decision of the editorial board in this regard shall be final and binding. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished. 3. Undertaking Submission All the author(s) are required to submit an undertaking in a separate document mentioning their name, age, institution, year and field of study. The undertaking must include a declaration that none of the parts of the submitted article has been reproduced from any published material, and the submission has been nowhere published beforehand, and the same is not under consideration anywhere for publication, and the author(s) shall be solely responsible for any copyright violation and consequences ensuing. 4. Submission Mode​ The subject of the mail shall be 'volume1 issue1 Team Attorneylex Journal'. No submission shall be accepted after the deadline. All the manuscripts shall be submitted in English Language only. The language used must be formal and clear, adhering to the submission guidelines of the Journal. The publication is free of cost. INTIMATIONS Team Attorneylex Law Journal shall peer review the submissions and shall reject any submission if the same does not match our quality standards. The authors shall be communicated by the end of the month regarding the acceptance/rejection of their submission. However, the intimation regarding the acknowledgement of submission will be sent to the author within 48 hours (working days) of the submission. The editorial board of Team Attorneylex Law Journal shall help the authors in every possible way to make their submissions meet the standards of our journal. Last date of submission: 30/September/ 2020 CERTIFICATE OF PUBLICATION The author(s) shall be provided with a soft copy of the publication certificate of their article in our journal on their registered Email ID. The Journal will be published on our website Contact Details: Email ID: Phone No: 9616696008(Gaurav Yadav)


ABOUT THE ORGANISATION MANCH: National Speakers Assembly is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. “MANCH” is India’s first debating and public speaking school. It is a dream online platform which aims at proliferating “The Art of public speaking” and “The Art of Debating” providing ingenious understanding and cognizance of various fields to make sure that this art penetrates to every nook and corner of the ever-growing Nation, which will help in creating and developing “Young Leaders”. We offer an exceptional speech and debate education to students across the nation. We provide the best instruction and argument development support available so that students will experience competitive success. ABOUT THE WEBINAR Manch National Speakers Assembly is organising a webinar on decoding the Professional Ethics. THEME : Public Speaking and personality development. Venue- Zoom Date- 11 September, 2020 Time- 4:30 p.m. Registration for the webinar is free. Note: Certificates will be sent only to the registered participants who will attend the full session. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Mr. Amber Sachdeva has completed his LLM from NALSAR university and is currently practicing before Supreme Court of India. Apart from Advocate he is also a Guest lecturer at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. He is a Retainer Counsel at dedicated freight corridor corporation of India. He was also the Managing Partner at office of Amber Sachdeva. PERKS FOR PARTICIPANTS E- certificate for Every Participants ( LIMITED SEATS ONLY FOR FIRST 100 PARTICIPANTS) REGISTRATION LINK FOR THE WEBINAR FOR MORE UPDATES Contact: 7355055869 Name : Mr. Abhishek Tripathi Email I’d: Website:

International Security and Effects of Cyber Law

International Security and Effects of Cyber Law Even though International Security is a relatively new term in International relations it holds one of the most important elements in shaping the lives of people today. “Security” as a phenomenon has been addressed by the world in the post-cold war period. It is identified that there are three ways as to how the term security is being used; the first is, being safe, protected and secure. Second are the political actions and the analytics and conceptualising. There are various kinds of security risks in the world today and one of the latest developments in this is the cybersecurity risks. Due to the fast-paced world and globalisation, cybersecurity risks are one of the most dangerous and unfortunately there are no laws in place to protect people from the same. Cyber as a word was initially used in the 1950s as ‘Cybernetics’, which is a science of understanding machines and animals, It was later understood as ‘computerized’. Later in the 1990s, the term cyberspace came into being, which is believed to be an undefined area where people conduct electronic activities. Today the term cyber is popularly used for security matters. A cyber-attack is said to scale upon us with the help of cyberspace. One such major creation is the Silk Road which is an online platform that uses digital currencies for illegal trade, money laundering and sale of drugs. These threats majorly exist for three reasons: 1) flaws in the design of the internet, 2) flaws in hardware and software and 3) the movie to put more critical systems online (Fortson, 2020). Why is it necessary to stop cyber threats? Development of the internet remains to be one of the biggest blessings and also the major threat in this millennium. One of the major threats that we face today is a data breach, to blackmail or manipulate decisions. Cyber threats from infiltrators on infrastructure and data breaches to phishing and cyberespionage, there are various types of cyber threats and they do not show any bias while targeting their next victim, it could be a multinational corporation, federal government or an individual. The next victim of these attacks could be any of us and we wouldn’t even realise it until the damage is done. Cyber-attacks are capable of causing electrical blackouts, breach of national security and a failure of military equipment. Cyber threats are never stagnant and are becoming more potent every day; there is a new generation of zero-day threats that are able to surprise as they carry no detectable signals. There is another trend in advanced persistent threats (ATP’s), which is a way for the hacker to be persistent in the system without being traced even by updates of rebooting. Even though cyber securities are blind to the eye, we shouldn’t be surprised if one says it could affect a person lifestyle. From where & why do cyberattacks occur? There are various cyber attackers for various reasons, the usual aim of cyber-attacks is to disrupt, distort and deteriorate (Moore, 2020). Disruption occurs when there is an over-reliance on the fragile connections which can be easy to hijack and may bring the trade to its knees. Distortion is when there is an intentional spread of misinformation which would then lead to the solidity of data to be compromised. When we look as to from where the cyber-attacks come from, the primary ones are hostile nation-states, terrorist groups, organized crime organisations, hacktivist, disgruntled insiders, hacker, natural disasters and accidental actions of authorized users (Tunggal, 2020). Government-sponsored cyber-attacks pose major threats compared to others as a state would have more resources technology and tools against each other, classified networks and critical infrastructure can be harmed with the use of cyberspace. Terrorists also pose a high threat level as people joining terrorist groups in the future may have more knowledge with regards to cyber-attacks. Corporate spies may engage in the same to steal trade secrets and weak their competitors. Hacktivists usually are the less damaging hackers as they aim at spreading their political agenda than demolishing the infrastructure. Incidents of cyberwar There have been a few instances where cyberspace has been brutally infringed that cybersecurity has become the epitome of priorities that need to be resolved. In May 1999 the website of US Whitehouse has been attacked and it has remained shut for three days, this occurred due to the accidental bombing in the Chinese embassy in Belgrade (Hunker, 2010). Russian and Estonian governmental organizations were subject to three weeks of cyber-attacks in 2007 (Hunker, 2010). In 2009, Georgia was under attack prior to the kinetic military action in with Russia and against Kyrgyzstan. China and Russia have denied all sorts of links to these occurrences, it was later realized that this occurred from a system in Brooklyn, New York (Hunker, 2010). Also, a devious attack has occurred in a complex in Syria, reportedly with North Korean workers in it. It was reportedly a nuclear weapons plant being built and was bombed undetected by Israel jets by surpassing the air defence networks of Syria through Cyberattacks (Hunker, 2010). This growing trend of high threat in cyberspace is making all the countries vulnerable and the need for cybersecurity law is also growing. National Cybersecurity strategies The NCCs are a new phenomenon that emerged in the US in 2003; it was one of the first countries to recognize the importance of cybersecurity. As of late the extent of basically all cybersecurity techniques have extended from securing people and associations to ensuring society in general, which is an aftereffect of expanding dependence of all parts of our life on ICT. Practically all NCSS underscore the reception of a coordinated and far-reaching approach and the significance of open private cooperation intending to cybersecurity dangers. Numerous cybersecurity episodes unmistakably exhibit that without end-users receiving fundamental. PC security cleanliness rules they will keep on being exceptionally defenceless against future cyber-attacks. Given the worldwide idea of the Internet, the international element of national cybersecurity and upgraded international cooperation is one of the needs in numerous NCSS. Concurring on the internationally acknowledged principles of conduct in cyberspace may be troublesome, be that as it may, even between close partners. Conclusion As mentioned above, cybersecurity issues have many faces, it can occur by various means for various reasons. And if we look at the current situation regarding international security with relations to cyber laws, they still remain to be very vague and it needs a lot of development in the future. Security Council, EU and other international bodies need to solidify doctrines and treaties regarding this. If a fast action has not been taken regarding this issue it could unleash unknown disasters unto the world. A clear set of rules and guidelines need to be established on state-sponsored hacking and only ethical hacking should be permitted. Giving a person the ability to sit in a room and damage the world would be the biggest setback in this ever-growing digital world. We may need to consider the fact that there is a fat chance in future endeavours where World War III is caused by Cyberwar and issues in protecting our cyberspace. Authored by: Tanya Sahay


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