Why the U.S election will impact India?

As we can see that US has contributed substantially to the Indian foreign policy from last five to six years. In India if we talk about geo-politics or international relations, people are much concern about US and India’s relation. At the end if we understand the thought process of the Indian people, we conclude that “we should be self-dependent”, US is not a primary alliance of India, which is a general perception of any Indian. We should also look into the fact that US puts decent efforts to have good relations with Asian countries like South Korea, Philippines, Japan.

In recent times US has helped India in the global platform to become the member of multilateral export control regimes (MTCR)  Wassenaar arrangement , Australia group and support for admission in the nuclear supplier group but the problem is that, China is blocking nuclear supplier  proposal  and joint manufacturing through technology sharing arrangements, which have become key milestones and advancement on the path to strengthen US-India relations .In 2016, India and the US signed the logistics exchange memorandum of  agreement (LEMOA) and India was declared a major defence partner of the United States .With this agreement both the country can access the military bases of each other. India and US signed COMCASA (communication compatibility and security agreement) that facilitate interoperability between militaries and sale of high-end technology. Soon within one or two year we will sign BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) for Geo-spatial Cooperation. This agreement would facilitate exchange of geospatial information between India and United States for both military and civilian use. USA also declared India as major defence partner so that India could buy more sophisticated military equipment. India also reciprocate to US relations, when the US had to put pressure on Iran, the major ASIAN countries like Japan, South Korea along with India stop their trade with Iran. When US had to put pressure on Venezuela, India stop their oil trade to Venezuela. At the international stage, foreign policies of both the countries have been matched considering their mutual interest.

Both the countries having democracy at it’s pivot, opinion of the citizens matter the most. GALLUP a research publish group, in their research they mention that 74% Of Americans’ viewed India favourably in 2017 and 72% in 2019. According to this research we can say that not only the government of the two countries are coming closer but the citizens are uniting as well.

There are a few hurdles in the path of making US-India relation stronger one of it being the US elections. India has featured prominently in the US election in recent times. Joe Biden one of the candidate of US president election, belongs to the democrat party, prominently mention India and targeted it in one of his election campaigns. In his campaigns he is critical of Indian government’s decision on NRC and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and has also asked New Delhi to take all necessary steps to restore rights of the people of Kashmir. In his official report he mentioned that the Indian government should take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir.  Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the Internet, weakens democracy. Joe Biden has been disappointed with the measures that the government of India has taken with the implementation and aftermath of the National Register of Citizens in Assam and the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act into law. These measures are inconsistent with the country’s long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy. The criticism had led to an unusual step that had raised eyebrows in Washington , when union external affairs minister S JAISHANKAR is said to have cancelled his scheduled meeting in December last year with the influential congressional committee on foreign affairs because it had Indian – American congress member Pramila Jayapal , who had introduced the resolution urging India to lift all restriction in Kashmir .One of the leader of democrat party condemn when Indian foreign minister S JAISHANKAR cancelled his meeting and mention in his tweet that “ Effort to silence Pramila Jayapal are deeply troubling. US and India have an important partnership – but our partnership can only succeed if it is rooted in honest dialogue and shared respect for religious pluralism and human rights.

Overall, all the matter which are the part of US elections is the matter of concern to Indian government because all topics are the internal matter of India , if India will accept all these type of demand then India will definitely get pressurised next time as well, which will further impact India and US relation. The main issue of India is Kashmir as raised by democrat candidate Joe Biden. One of the reasons being the constant infiltration of Pakistan. US president suggests to not impose restriction on Kashmir, but the question is, is it good for India’s integral security and can we accept these type of comments.

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