The struggle of a Transgender in Indian society

We all see the world through a Lenexa filtered gender lenses, that has always helped us differentiate between a man and a women and for this very reason what we cannot see is the beauty of unfiltered skin; the beauty of a Trans. So as we can’t see a differently blooming flower we don’t accept it as a part of our garden. there begins the struggle of a Transgender specially in Indian society.

There have been myths and rumours about them since ages. There was discrimination which has shared their souls by each passing day. There has been harassment for over 3000 years which a normal human can’t bear for even a day. There has been gender violation and most importantly there has been suppression and rejection by the society, there has been no law until the transgender person (protection of rights) act came in 2019. lack of access to education and no job opportunities has forced the community to take up begging and prostitution as a means of livelihood. Poverty, malnutrition, bad companionship, HIV/AIDS, hormonal disorder, homelessness, isolation from the community, illiteracy, unawareness of their rights, all this and much more but ironically they still appear at your special occasions to take away all the pain and sufferings from your family, to bless them for a happy life.

late back when India got independence the nation celebrated a life of dignity, equality and fraternity; these were the ones left on the margins without any attention. They have always been harassed because of the deep routed patriarchal mind-set of this society. Even today they feel depressed about their identities and choose to stay silent about it because they fear the judgemental eyes of the society, because today when they walk across us we distance ourselves from them. acceptance has always been the key and it goes both ways. People often say “trans community is pretty angry” the community to which admits; “well yes, we are. Because when we live in a society that doesn’t like our existence, we can’t really stay happy.” so it is for us to understand as rational people, ‘there is no us versus them’ it is just that they experience something that we don’t and this establishes no ground to discriminate them, harass them or make them less acceptable in any way. But Gladly Amidst all the darkness and battles we can still see healthy reforms around us,

such as-

· a transgender rights activist and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008 and

· Nitasha Biswas  became  India's first transgender beauty queen in 2017.

· Sathyasri Sharmila was India's first transgender lawyer, appointed in June 2018.

There are a few more countable ones . a small ratio of them doing well shows improvement in their community but does not guarantee accomplishment of all of them. A long and lonely passage still wait for them. This issue can be drifted with 2 simple solutions:

Firstly, we must start looking at them as just another human. Equality needs to come out of textbooks now. It is time to break stereotypes. this will help them feel confident about themselves And secondly, gender sensitization should go parallel with legal reforms. The transgender person (protection of rights) act 2019 has not done enough justice. social, economic and educational empowerment still lacks a discussion. Their rights differ a lot from that of a common man. For instance, the penalty of rape of a trans is just 6 months-2years. Crimes against them are still regarded as “petty” in nature. This law requires some major reforms.Transgender have fought a long battle for over a century now when government is looking out for them, their development must be holistic and now is the time to do so.

Authored by

Riddhi Rahi

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