“Need of Transformation in Education”

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Education plays a vital role in one's life. It makes the person more confident, knowledgeable and well informed.

From birth and till death we all humans learn different things from our family, school, friends, colleges, workplace etc. Learning is a never ending process.

We can't learn everything in the four walls of the classroom as we have to go beyond that for exploring more things. I want to make you aware of one of Gandhi ji's quotes: "Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge." Knowledge is having the right answer but Intelligence is having the right question.  

Present Scenario of Education is more grounded on Bookish knowledge than Practical knowledge. As per my opinion that is one of the worst sides of our Education system. Most of the students just mug up the things instead of learning them in a true sense. Cramming things exists for a very short period of time however, if we learn the things it exists  long. Students are learning the lessons from the books and not learning anything in practical life. As schools must prefer more on Practical Study rather than Bookish study as practical knowledge provides you experience and offers you new opportunities, makes you more confident and provides  you different skills to the students to the end.

In most of the schools what I feel is as a student we always used to do bookish study and we never paid our attention on things such as Debates, Club activities, Speeches, many different competitions, mock trials, MUN and the most important thing is our communication skills. These things are really very important in a student life. As personally, I never was taught these things in my school and besides that I never gave attention to these important things in my school time. In school time, we are never asked to pay attention towards our communication skills and vocabulary which later become an obstacle for most of the students like us. When we enter the college, most of the students find it difficult to cope with the new atmosphere because there are students from different backgrounds and possess quite excellent communication skills and are more experienced by exploring different fields.

So what we can learn from that:

∙ There should be more focus on practical aspects and learning.

∙ Students should work more on communication skill sets.

∙ Participate more in co-curriculum activities like debates, moots, speeches etc as it gives you more experience in real life.

∙ Schools should organize Extempore (it means without preparation just speak on a particular given topic). This is really worth it.

∙ Schools should organize one class lecture in a week in which social issues should be discussed and students should be given a chance to speak on social issues.

Secondly, the main thing which I would like to convey is “CAREER COUNSELLING”. Career counselling is very important for students. Till now, this does not prevail in our schools for lower classes. Here career counselling stands for when students complete their class 12th, they have to decide what they will pursue further only then career counselling is a must affair, in which there are perfectionist counsellors who aware the students about what different courses exist. This helps the student to know about the different courses that exist and then the student can choose the right and best course for herself or himself.

Basically in India most of the students and parents are aware about only some particular and traditional courses like engineering, medical, Law, and teaching, BBA, CA etc and  have very less knowledge about some other new courses like Media, Bachelors in economics, Event management etc. and due to lack of knowledge parents prefer their children some particular courses which they know. By which students find it hard to explore more and new courses. That is why, career counselling is one of the most important things that every student should go through. As it knocks new opportunities.

Finally, I want to end by saying please focus more on Practical study than Bookish study, it will help you to explore more new things opportunities. Rather than mug up things just try to understand the concept. This helps one to live a life in a different way. As theoretical study may help to succeed in a test paper but isn't able to succeed in the paper of your life.

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