Gender Justice in Hindu Succession

We have seen very clearly  that gender  injustice and gender inequality is plays an important role in each and every personnel religious the inequality has not been occurred by the religious but also  the caste ,sex have has been occurred take place  where many of the families considered to this things

Their has been most of the families  and many most of the societies will promote and follow the patriarchy that is many rituals and according to the procedure all programes and marriage should be done . So patriarchy is the rules and regulations which the society or many of the people follow.

Many of the Muslims families the marriage should be take place with the consent of the family consent and with the permission of the elders members but there has been not only the Muslim family but also there are many religious were the consent has been take place . In our country it is considered that if any girl has not been educated in the society  so the girl family should be compensated to the men family that the girl father should be compensated to the men or to the boy family .

We have seen that their has been many disputes has been take place in India or in the country  where the girl has been married earlier and many of the religious the girl has not been married earlier then she will be educated and many of the parents  now considered as that they will provide education to  their children and now parents considered that the women should be provide more education then the marriage  because now a days parents give more and mote priority to the education then the marriage

As their has been  15000 cases annually which occurred for the dowry disputes of women and many of the divorce has been take place by the dowry that the husband or the family or the relatives  of the husband demand for the more dowry and the girl parents unable to provide that much dowry so divorce take place. Earlier there has been many disputes gas take place earlier but now a days there has been different policies and different rules and regulation has been made by the government that now people not force the girl to take more dowry.

And the now courts are also available that women can go to the court and file a complain  against that person who make women torture and women should not make forced by anyone according to that she can make decision and she has power what ever she want to do and now a days women  should be  considered to be more powerful then men and women should  be more intelligent then the men and the different government policies has been made and different rules and regulation has been made for the women many of the convention has been take place  for the women in the UN CHARTER.

Authored by

Twinkle Chouhan


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