Feminism- A Befuddled Guise

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

By Feminism, we mean ‘Equality.’ Equality for both men and women. Feminism doesn't mean Men hatred. It never means this. 

According to me, the most appropriate word that can be used is Equalitarianism instead of Feminism. As we all know, we live in a society where there is existence of preference is given to son instead of daughter. As one of the very recent examples I want to give is in our id cards, Aadhaar card, etc.. in each of these aforementioned, before marriage our father's name is written and after marriage husband’s name is written, why??? A BIG QUESTION. It’s about the man privilege. As second example is that at night while walking how many men looks behind to check?? I talked to many of men and boys and you know what I get that some of them looks behind not for the fear of being get raped but for kidnapped for any other reason... whereas at night if a girl is walking she gets the fear of being get raped.... this is a drastic difference that is evident.

Uneducated women get more domestic violence as compared to educated women in our society so there is a big role of education in one's life.... Education is the very good tool for over this violation prevailing in society. As one's gets to know about her rights and duties and can make them more vigilant citizen which can be very helpful to women. By education women can stand against any cruelty done with them and knows where to go and what to do in such cases. This all can be possible by ''EDUCATION''. Education really gives confidence and independence to anyone out there. In some of the areas, still today education is a taboo for girls as some of the family opinion is that if they make their daughters educated it’s not beneficial for them because later on fruit will be eaten by their in-laws and not by them so families thought to not to educate girls and instead of sending girls to schools and colleges they send them to earn the money by doing household work or wants to help their mothers in home. This is the main problem exists....

I would like to tell about some of the superheroes which made big changes in our society for women:

* JYOTIPA PULE: She is the first who opened the school in India for girls and fought for women's education in India.

* BHAVRI DEVI: She is Dalit social worker in Rajasthan. She is the first woman who was behind the enactment of law of sexual harassment at workplace. Then through Vishakha case, we get the guidelines in sexual harassment at workplace. It gives the voice to women stand against it.

There was more number of cases highlighted of DOWRY in backward areas. As women are harassed by her in-laws for dowry and if some of women fail to bring dowry, then they face domestic violence. This type of practice not only prevails in rural region, or among uneducated people but this also prevails in urban cities and among educated people also. I belong to Muzaffarnagar being an urban area where recently I have seen in my colony in one of the family where in-laws demanded for dowry and then that woman failed to bring and after that her in-laws torture her daily and thereafter sometime we got to know about the whole circumstance and know about that woman commits suicide. This is happening in 21st century itself.... what a shame to humanity.

ME TOO MOVEMENT: It is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual abuse where people publicize their allegations of sex crimes by powerful and prominent men. As many women suffers from sexual harassment at workplace so this movement started. In October, 2018, in the entertainment industry of Bollywood, centered in Mumbai, when actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a common problem affecting all women in this world irrespective of the profession that they are in, but legal system is sleeping and so they fail in providing them security. It about the male dominance over females and it is used to remind women that they are weaker than men.

There are many developed countries like USA, Sweden, etc. in which women are still facing discrimination. And in today’s arena, domestic violence still exists in world.

We should collectively raise our hands towards this cruelty and take our initiatives to change our society.


I want to end up by quote of an African American Author called Chimananda ngozi adichie who says: WE MUST RAISE OUR DAUGHTERS DIFFERENTLY, WE MUST ALSO RAISE OUR SONS DIFFERENTLY.

-Riya Goel

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