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Dragon’s misleading strategy to the world.

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

COVID-19 has become one of the ghastly crises to the world, in a century. Where most of the pandemic suffering countries are incur of economic chaos and blaming China for the spread of disease, amidst crises, it seems as the Dragon has found its strategy to mislead the countries from blaming it for the current catastrophic situation of the world towards the other dire issues. No doubt, COVID-19 alone itself has become an origin to many new pestilences like rent, poverty, unemployment and much more which has bought developing countries to the economic extremes and trembled, the bedrock of countries which are already developed. China, a developing country with the highest population in the world of 1,394,015,977 people has recently been in the paling of the allegation for the spread of COVID-19 and where the world economy has marked the highest fall, midst pandemic, there will be nothing wrong in stating that China is no different from the world and has faced not only the economic down turn but also allegations and criticism. American President Mr. Donald Trump, in one of his speech not only spoke about the virus but addressed it as a “Chinese virus” similarly, Mike Pompeo, an American politician and attorney, addressed the virus as “Wuhan virus”.

Where the spread of the pandemic has already hiked up the unemployment rate, approximately all around the world, Countries divesting from China could possess major halt to its economy. COVID-19 became Chinese virus since the pandemic issue started becoming headline of every news channel around the world. The way China, after facing virus as an epidemic, declared it as global crises, was beyond expectations as it took more than a time, whose consequences the world is suffering today. Somewhere China victimised for the spread of virus also because of the negligence done by World Health Organization and the way Director-General of W.H.O, Tedros Anadhom, praised China, for dealing with the virus. There is even a strong global feeling that W.H.O. is working as league to dragon, which can be seen by the casualness done by the Organization because of which countries around the world are suffering today. While the world, blaming China and going through the pandemic, the government of President Xi Jinping was busy in figuring out a way to remove the charges against their country. Dragon’s first strategy of being a portrayal to the world went wrong when the testing kits, ventilators and protecting clothing, exported by China, found defaulted, which ended up causing a more negative impression of its profile in the eyes of world.

Therefore now when China left empty-handed it tackled out a new strategy. So, as he was unable in making a positive impression at global society, what he did was, started to mislead the world from blaming it for the pandemic spread towards the disputes he would have been planning for. At such time where any country was unable to see a possible door to heaven until vaccine is found, China has already taken a very adamant move i.e., to provoke the countries it has disputes with, whether it is India over LAC, U.S.A. over South China Sea, or Tibet’s territory over being Republic from China, Hong Kong or any other like Singapore or Brazil. Here, China might have been referring to “Sun Tzu” explanation in his “Art of War”, where he explains, when a country is down and off, it should try to thrust on one issue to neutralize all issues. Likewise, China by using the same as its strategy is trying to get desired results, which has made everyone notice that, countries or at least major powers which were busy, blaming China have shifted their concern towards dealing with China. Not only this, the way pandemic affected, footing of the Dragon, who is basically busy with its external strategy and devious approach to the world, has also sorted out its way to even handle the internal ignominy with the help of its media.

News spots like CCTV (China Central Television), which is a Chinese state sponsored media. According to one of the report by “Freedom House”, a U.S.- based organization, wrote about the way CCTV media has disparaged the protesters in Hong Kong and deceived the internal and international people about the movement’s nature, basically it molded the motive of the wing. Media is not only working as a savior of CCP’s figure and functioning inside its territory, but also a big promoter of its day to day policies. The report also stated that, in the same way media is protecting the Communist party of China from being inglorious majorly in the eyes of Chinese citizens so that, the party should not ever come across a major fall from its political status. Recently in a report by Central of Land warfare studies, it was found that, the Ambassador’s diplomatic approach ran adversely to Global Times which is a Chinese state-led media. The report said, the Ambassador’s diplomatic approach ran in contrast to Chinese state-led media “Global Times” accusation that the Ladakh incident occurred because of the infrastructure construction done by India along with the disputed territory. This clearly highlights the propaganda campaign done by Chinese media and psychological warfare. In a report drawn by China Institute of Contemporary International Relations ( CICIR ) which is affiliated by the Ministry of State Security, China warned U.S. that there relations may change into confrontation as China is continuously facing a wave of anti-China, which was basically sparked by the U.S. for the pandemic spread.. Therefore, there is no wrong in saying that when China’s so called sympathetic strategy didn’t worked for the world and helped the dragon out, in keeping its global status maintained, he tried or still trying for a conspiracy method to mislead the world audience.

Indeed, the government of President Mr. Xi Jinping is being charged for Hypocrisy and vanity from all its corners. Dragon is dazed after facing a majority stand not only from his country but from throughout the world, against him. Whether or not Mr. Jinping has used Corona virus for his political power show-off or as a tool of biological war to the world, but the pandemic has now indeed became a threat to CCP and China’s international standing. A number of approx 80 million citizens have become unemployed only if we mention about China, What if Unemployment data is being calculated across the world? It would be terrific to imagine. China being so amour proper, when asked by the countries to investigate inside China about the origin of the virus, he denied, mentioning the countries in Anti China group. But what China is doing, neither, he is ending up by excepting the reality as being responsible for the pandemic spread rather playing a blame game with U.S.. As “Global Times”, articles claim that the virus was originated in the United States.

This could be a twist to this unacceptable reality but principally, China is unable to bear the bitter truth of losing its global power and image, which even made him assign its envoys over social media platform to keep a regular check that nothing should go against Dragon. But China thinking of himself, as a great strategist won’t work and neither will affect or help him in gaining its global status back which was never so good though. The only possibility is the demand for investigation to be getting increased but the trust game might have ended for forever.


Ritika Upadhyay

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