Team Attorneylex is a newly developed organisation that is devoted to the law students

of the country. Our primary purpose is to guide the law students in their legal research,

content writing, analysing the case laws, read or understand the courts’ judgments, etc.

because we believe that these things are an essential part of the legal profession.


Theme - Socio-Legal issues, International matters and other such topics related

to law.

● Articles- 5000-8000 words

● Short Articles - 3000-5000 words

ARTICLES: The article should be a comprehensive review of the contemporary,

relevant legal issue(s)/question(s) that needs to be analysed and presented. The article

must be clear on the topic that is dealt upon and lucidly presented without any

ambiguity. The authors’ stand on the issue(s) should be expressed with clarity. The

word limit for the submission is 4000 – 8000 words for long articles and 3000-5000

words for short articles exclusive of footnotes and abstract.


1). Inclusions

The paper should compulsorily include:-​

● Abstract

● All the entries shall be accompanied by an abstract which should be of 250- 300

words, explaining the main idea, objective of the article and the conclusions

drawn from it. The Abstract must include the author(s)’ name and

college/institution as a footnote.

● Keywords

● Hypothesis

These requirements, apart from the main content of the paper, are necessary for the

consideration of the same for publication. Non-availability of the above mentioned in the

paper shall lead to disqualification.

2). Paper Submission

All the submissions must be mailed to​ Submissions​

must be in MS Word (.doc or docx.) format only. Submissions made in any other format

shall not be considered.

The abstract has to be provided in a separate file.

MAIN TEXT - Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified alignment, with a

margin of one inch on all sides.

FOOTNOTES - Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive footnotes are accepted.

Speaking footnotes should be avoided.

CITATION- The Bluebook:19th Edition shall be strictly adhered to.​

Co-Authorship is allowed up to a maximum of 2 authors.

Both single and co-authored (a maximum of two authors) entries shall be accepted.

Only one submission per author is allowed. In case of multiple submissions by an

author, all the manuscripts submitted by the author shall be rejected at the outset. In

case any author submits multiple papers either with the same author or with a different

author, all the papers submitted by the author shall be rejected outrightly. The

submission must be the original work of the author(s). In case of gross plagiarism, the

manuscript shall be rejected directly. The relevant sources should be duly

acknowledged as footnotes. The decision of the editorial board in this regard shall be

final and binding. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished.

3. Undertaking Submission

All the author(s) are required to submit an undertaking in a separate document

mentioning their name, age, institution, year and field of study. The undertaking must

include a declaration that none of the parts of the submitted article has been reproduced

from any published material, and the submission has been nowhere published

beforehand, and the same is not under consideration anywhere for publication, and the

author(s) shall be solely responsible for any copyright violation and consequences


4. Submission Mode​

The subject of the mail shall be 'volume1 issue1 Team Attorneylex Journal'. No

submission shall be accepted after the deadline. All the manuscripts shall be submitted

in English Language only. The language used must be formal and clear, adhering to the

submission guidelines of the Journal.

The publication is free of cost.


Team Attorneylex Law Journal shall peer review the submissions and shall reject any

submission if the same does not match our quality standards. The authors shall be

communicated by the end of the month regarding the acceptance/rejection of their


However, the intimation regarding the acknowledgement of submission will be sent to

the author within 48 hours (working days) of the submission.

The editorial board of Team Attorneylex Law Journal shall help the authors in every

possible way to make their submissions meet the standards of our journal.

Last date of submission: 30/September/ 2020


The author(s) shall be provided with a soft copy of the publication certificate of their

article in our journal on their registered Email ID.

The Journal will be published on our website

Contact Details:

Email ID:

Phone No: 9616696008(Gaurav Yadav)

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