A Vicious Riddle- Death of a Bollywood Flair

No matter where you come from Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the greatest young actors in Bollywood a successful rising star who started from Bottom and quickly got to the top millions of fans money Highlife But he was found dead in his apartment The police reported that committed suicide. This could yet Another story. Where a celebrity Takes Their own life but here is why people refuse to believe it on the day of the Alleged suicide Sushant's helper said that he had come out of his Room in the morning and played video games can anyone Act so casual before committing suicide? To top it all off The CCTV footage from the area was a big question mark from the very beginning! The duplicate keys to the Sushant's House were missing. And he changed more than 50 sim cards that month who was he hiding from? All of this raised more question so people dug even deeper he had bruise near his forehead one eye and arms other than that He was 6 feet Tall And He allegedly stood on his bed to hang Himself But this is n’t possible because then wasn’t enough space in the room fr that and perhaps what people find the hardest to believe is that T his very outspoken actor who always wanted to inspire other did not leave a suicide note He just disappeared without a word why?! Now it’s time to ask the big question. Why would anyone want to stage an actor’s suicide people believe that this was done by the so-called Bollywood mafia They didn’t like to see an outsider from a small city succeed and quickly climb to the top. He was not a part of the family And this revealed the dark sick of Bollywood.The people exist A dark side of the Bollywood Nepotism. Now it is extremely important to acknowledge that there are all Theories officially The doctors and the police announced that it was indeed a suicide.And could be? right now I don’t know the definite answer but there is something that I know Sushant may have not left a note. But as he watches us from above I know what he would want us to do. He would want us to use His care for something good And bring attention to a problem that many people go through whether it’s India or anywhere around the world Mental Health issue is at an all-time High just look at all there smiling look their own lives truth is too many smiling faces do because of stigma faces do. Because of stigma because they have to hide their issues and so did Sushant I don’t know if his suicide was staged or real but just the fact that it is possible for people like him to commit suicide it’s our responsibility to talk about it and not make it a taboo you think COVID 19 is a big issue. And it is but suicide is taking way more lives it’s one of the leading causes of death around the world .but we don’t talk about it. we hear about people who survived cancer But we never hear about The people who are surviving through fighting against demons in their head. The demons that make you feel like nothing matters like you don’t matter like you are unless like you can disappear The strongest disease of our generation! Sushant is not here anymore and it’s very sad whatever happened I hope justice will be served but as we seek justice Let’s not forget that every single day around 3000 people commit suicide and millions struggle with depression it’s in our hands to help then by removing the Mental Health Stigma                                                                                                                   

 Authored by

ABHISHEK KUMAR SINGH                              CITY ACADEMY LAW COLLEGE                                      

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