1st National Quiz Competition, 2020 onLaw & Polity: By LEX INQUIZZITIVEMIND

About Lex Inquizzitive Mind

Lex Inquizzitive Mind is the brainchild of few enthusiastic law students who started quizzing to save themselves from the boredom of law lectures, which later on turned as a passion for those students. The team of Lex Inquizzitive Mind believes that quiz can be conducted on any topic or subject which is available under the atmosphere. The team has conducted quiz events from classrooms to canteens and playgrounds to seminar halls to impart and proliferate the knowledge of law.

About the QUIZ Competition

1 st  National Quiz Competition on Law & Polity, 2020 is based on basic legal facts and Indian Polity which is an unavoidable part of learning as it covers various aspects of our day to day life such as fundamental rights, fundamental duties etc. Hence (Team Inquizzitive Mind) brings to you this Competition to learn and Cover this familiar topic. The participants will have the chance to bring back home exciting prizes. Participants will be put to daunting yet thought-provoking tests and only the real perseverant will come out on top.


Open for all age groups


RS. 700/- + E-Book + Certificate of Merit (WINNER)

RS. 500/- + E-Book + Certificate of Merit (2 nd Rank)

RS. 300/- + E-Book + Certificate of Merit (3 rd Rank)

RS. 100/- (4 th Rank)

RS. 100/- (5 th Rank)

Important Dates

 Starting of registration: 27th July 2020

 Last date of registration: 13th August 2020 (Till 12 Pm)

 Date of competition: 15th August 2020 (6 PM)

 Declaration of Results: 17th August 2020


The registration fee is Rs.50 per participant.

Kindly attach the screenshot of the payment receipt while filling the Registration

Form. The last day of Registration is 13 th August, 2020 till 12:00 pm.

Payment can be made through: Google Pay/ Paytm- 8638038133




 The quiz shall take place online in the format of google form.

 After registration closes, participants will be added in a WhatsApp Group.

 The Quiz Link will be only provided in the said group.

 The duration of the quiz is 20 minutes.

 The quiz shall have 40 questions.

 The question type shall be of multiple choice questions (MCQ).

 Each question carries 2 mark.

 There shall be no negative marking.

 There are certain star marked questions which shall be used to resolve ties.

 No responses after 6:20 p.m. will be accepted.

 Highest Scorer wins. If there is a tie between two participants, the person answering more star

marked questions wins. If tie still persists sudden death will be used to resolve tie. Even after

sudden death tie persists .. time factor will be considered to resolve tie.

 Results will be declared in the WhatsApp group itself. No information regarding the same will be

provided through email or individual WhatsApp message.

 The results declared would be final and the authority vests with Team Lex Inquizzitive Mind.

Contact us at:

Gmail: lexinquizzitivemind10@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lex_inquizzitivemind/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lex-Inquizzitive-Mind-101314411682888/

Whatsapp: 8638038133, 8638246614

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